Top 10+ Best Alternatives of Picasa for Photo Editing


Existing users of Picasa are moving to into various alternatives. There is an obvious reason for which Picasa alternatives is one of the most search terms on the internet today. Nevertheless, we have come up with a handful option of best alternatives of Picasa for our readers. We assure the enlisted Picasa like applications will be efficient enough to take over the place of Picasa. We also have made sure that most of the recommended tool here should possess affordable approach with that in mind Picasa have been a free tool.

Picasa has its own place of reputation when it comes to free photo editing and organizing tools. Especially, desktop users who have newly got their hands dirty on photo editing tasks are most likely to rely on Picasa for there is more than one potential reason to opt the application. Sadly, Picasa is will be no more around providing its free convenient service. And for this absolute reason, existing and novice users of Photo editing applications will be highly in need of best Picasa alternatives.

Top 10+ Best Alternatives of Picasa

Getting an insight of current market, we have a lot of options for Picasa replacement. But, it’s on us to make the right choice as not all the Picasa like apps available will be worth trying. Neither it will be easy to try out each of them and find out which piece of alternative is worth our attention. Although, we have done our best homework to figure out and expose the best alternatives thus our readers could spare a lot of their precious time.

Google Photos

It is no myth that Google is trying to push everything into the online field for an obvious reason. Now that while we are moving towards the online field leaving Picasa behind, Google Photos that welcomes the existing Picasa users require no new registration or sign up. It is easy to switch to the Google Photos from Picasa and its user interface is pretty much charm that anyone with less knowledge of the field can get started without hassles. Some more Google advantages are integrated with the form of Google Drive and other Google services. The tool supports RAW image files and comes with all the necessary basic options.


As the online photo editing tools are being concerned, Flickr has to be placed among the top free alternatives of Picasa. Basically, Flickr is being known as a photo sharing site, the online tool also a great option for editing, organizing, and storing images online. This is a free to use tool that provides terabytes of cloud storage with its free account signing up. Flickr provides all the basic requirements of photo editing. The only drawback we have caught with is that the auto upload of images is no longer with the free version.


PictureLife is also one of the best options of Picasa alternatives. Just like Flickr, it has all the basic photo editing equipment that is powered by Aviary. However, in terms of storage available, Flickr takes the trophy home. There are options to upgrade the storage space, alright though. The online tool also supports RAW files thus while your edited photos are being saved, your raw images are also kept unharmed.


Dropbox is not really meant for photo editing purpose, but it still has the right to be placed on the list of best free Picasa alternatives. This is one of the best-known photos organizing online platforms where users may upload and keep their special moments stored in the cloud. Free service of Dropbox does not offer much of storage (2GB), however, users may opt for premium service that provides Terabytes of space.

XnView MP

This is a desktop tool that works just fine without any internet connection. The tool does come with a basic piece of equipment of photo editing facilities, though, its better in organizing images. The main user interface may not please all the users but, it really grabs the attention when it comes to having a glance on your image info such as file name, file size, date taken, details of the lens, etc. at a single frame.

FastStone Image Viewer

A lot similar to the previous recommendation, this tool also offers some basic editing options; however, is a better use for organizing images offline. This Windows operating system based tool comes with features such as comparison, management, photo viewing, emailing, red-eye removal, adjusting color, cropping, resizing, musical slideshow, and more.

Photoshop Elements

When it comes to photo editing purpose, Photoshop is the name that is sought after with enthusiasm for quite a long generation now. The Elements also one of the most admired members of Photoshop family that comes with some significant features we can’t deny applause. Photos can be easily uploaded and shared. Printable items such as Calendar, Scrapbook page, etc. are created with ease.

JetPhoto Studio

Another tool similar like Picasa that we ought to recommend our reader if their requirements are simple is called JetPhoto Studio. It does all the basic tasks to edit your RAW images taken ad also keep your photo organized as you need. The studio is free to catch. However, if your RAW files are to be worked on, you may need to upgrade your account to the premium version. Both the users of Mac and Windows are allowed to have fun with the tool.


This tool can be a great combo with other simple photo editing tools like JetPhoto and FastStone when it comes to turn your RAW images into triumphs. While other simple tools keep your images organized, combining the same with Pain.NET brings a better solution to the need of alternatives to Picasa. Remarkable features are counted as levels, curves, layers, and more.

Windows Photo Gallery

 If you are on Windows, this tool will give you home-alike feeling with its various user friendly layouts you might find in other photo editing tools. The drawback of this tool is that it has to space to offer you could use in storing edited images like Picasa. But, your desktop space would be enough for the need. In addition to that, you may upload and keep your edited images stored on OneDrive, Facebook, etc.


This is another tool that can be used as one of the best alternatives to Picasa for it has some great photo editing features. Starting from basic image editing, it has a lot to offer that include creating collages, editing in bulk, fixing, turning multiple images into GIFs, splitting images, screen captures, and more such things. The tool lacks its own cloud storage service unlike Picasa. However, it is a great option for editing images with ease.


The fact of Picasa is going away should not make any difference in our daily task of photo editing and enhancements. As long as these best Picasa alternatives are on the run, we can even have a better experience that Picasa would not provide in many cases. We hope you find out the tool that suit your style at best within the list of best alternatives of Picasa we have shared. We also wish that there must be more alternative running out there and if you think we missed anything that has the potential to be place within the list, do let us know.


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