Top 10+ Best Alternatives of YouTube To Watch Share Videos Movies


There is no doubt that YouTube is the best and most trending video search engine to watch almost any video you want. But sometimes it happens to be like the video you are trying to look for you could not find on YouTube. If that happens it might be very disappointing for you, so have you ever thought of try some new sites similar like YouTube? If yes, then here we will be helping your wish to come true, we have listed the some top Best Alternatives of YouTube which works perfectly and you can enjoy videos there too. These sites are somehow like YouTube but better to enjoy several types of video contents which cannot be accessible normally in YouTube and or have some restrictions. Also you can stream movies on these YouTube alternative sites.

There are many YouTube Alternatives to browse latest, popular, rare, music and other categories of videos. While speaking of YouTube it has billions of viewers and in just a matter of minute’s one popular channel video become hit and get millions of likes. But in many schools, colleges and in government sectors YouTube remains blocked and you have to rely on some other video streaming sites. But you may not know the name of alternatives of YouTube, what they have to offer as well their features. Below we have created the list which you can check out to enjoy sites like YouTube.

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Top 10+ Best Alternatives of YouTube To Watch Videos and Movies


As a matter of fact, Vimeo has been there in the internet as much as old like YouTube. When it is made a comparison with YouTube then it is consider being the best one. It is not much popular like YouTube but believe it works far better than YouTube. Watch different categories of videos such as music, animation, food, travel, etc whatever you wish to watch.


Zippcast is a reminder of how YouTube looks like back in the year 2007, you may be shocked to know that the current layout of how the YouTube website looks like in those time. It is one of the best YouTube alternatives to watch videos and do so many other things. Apart from that you can store your favorite videos into the site of Zippcast.


Metacafe is one of the fascinating video sharable sites and a perfect YouTube alternative uploaded with interesting videos to watch. Search for any videos by typing the name into the search bar. Stream you favorite videos selecting from the latest to popular and trending videos. The videos categories are arranged into several video contents like comedy or art animation or music and dancing, etc.

Daily Motion

Watch the videos of world wrestling entertainment or any other videos in high picture quality. The search engine of the Daily motion website allows you to search any videos you want. In the categories option you can select what you wish to watch like Music, Gaming, Sports, News and Movies, etc. Create an account into the daily motion for a tailor-made video experience.  Apart from watching videos you can also upload any of your selected file.


Veoh is another great alternative of Youtube which you can check out. To start using my veoh one must create an account first there. After that you will be able to bookmark the recent accessed shows or the playlist that you have made. In order to share videos you will need to follow the other users of Veoh. Pick any videos to watch from the website or TV shows or movies or music. It also gives you the access to watch live TV shows and various other options.


Flickr not only allows you to share photos, besides that it might be surprising for you that it actually features video sharing options too. The website is usually own by Yahoo which is well-maintained and comes with so many features. It is important to know that the flickr has a video limitation of up to 90 seconds. So make creative videos which can be explained in just a matter of minutes.


Livestream is a finest place to broadcast live events website that fully entertain the viewers. Watch any live events by visiting the website, stream video quality from HD to several other qualities. Visit this Youtube site with your live streaming support devices, for that you have to install the apps for Roku or iPad or iPhone and Android as well. Get started to browse video and stream them online into instantly at any place you travel.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is one of the most non-profit libraries where you will find more than millions of free books. It has a large number of files uploaded in different categories of community like audio and video. Besides that you will be able to listen to the live music archive collection and lots. Internet Archive also allows you to watch movies or download music and software, etc.

Microsoft Movies and TV

Microsoft Movies and TV let you watch the newest movies release in the internet. Includes live TV streaming features allowing you watch it in any place you travel, only you need is a supporting device to browse the site with active internet connectivity. The site has a large content of TV series and movies videos to offer viewer totally full entertainment. To start watching movies you will have to pay an amount of $4 to $14.99 on the basis of per movie watch.


Crackle is a similar site like YouTube that brings to you all of your favorite movies and TV in one single place. To make it easy for you to search videos the files are arrange in category and genre wise. It is free to watch streaming videos, sign up into the website to view all the file content without making payment. Visit the site to stream online videos using Roku 3, Amazon fire, Xbox One and Amazon fire TV, etc. Access the videos from crackle using multiple numbers of devices in High quality picture of videos

Ustream TV

Ustream TV is in the finest list of alternative YouTube site as it lacks no video that couldn’t entertain you. To start using the online steaming services you can it for free at the first place, and then you can go for the pro plans trails or pro plans that come with advanced features starting at $99 to $999 per month. In the paid subscription plans of Ustream TV you will get HD live broadcasting, no ad interruptions and recording of broadcasts. Stream the site with any compatible devices with the amazing video quality and bandwidth. We also get to experience impressive features such as live playlist with looping, video uploading, embedding, etc.


These are the Top  Best Alternatives of YouTube which is the best options as the replacement of YouTube. Now you don’t have to worry any longer even if YouTube has stopped working, these sites will give you an access to watch video and upload it at the same time. So, you better stop wasting your time looking for any other sites similar to YouTube. All of the sites which have been mentioned in the list of alternatives of YouTube 2017 work fine and uploaded with HD and several other forma video qualities. Visit the sites today with any of your choose device among the compatible ones to access into the websites


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