Top 12 Best New City Building Games for PC 2018


Playing Games in free time is the best thing to do, as it makes your mind fresh and stress free. In the modern era, it is seen that there are lots of games for mobile phones, computers and there are also many online games. But among all those games the most popular game in today’s time is the city building games. There are many best City building games that have become so popular among kids, teenagers and adults as well. In this City Building games online you will simply to make your own city where you can purchase and make thing. So this game is something extraordinary and is the best way to knock out your boredom.

But there are many City Building Games for PC available in the internet some are online games and some can be played offline. So in this content you are going to know the best City Building Games 2018 which can play on your computer. The free City Building games that we have listed below are having amazing graphics and features. So let’s check out the best city building games online that you can play on your computer.

Top 12 Best City Building Games for PC 2018

1. Cities-Skylines:

Cities-Skylines is a modern classic city simulation game for PC and is one of the best City building games online. Here you will find lots of new elements which is full of thrill and struggling to maintain and create your own city. This game is pretty interesting to play and it is the best city building game for PC. Apart from that, on this game you will need to build all the modern structure building for the inhabitants. Meanwhile, you can play both day and night and can also play in 3D as well. This is the best building games for PC.

2. Anno 2205:

Here we have picked Anno 2205 in our list, which is also one of the best free city building game for PC. Anno 2205 game allows you to build your own city for the future, with a promise to build the better tomorrow. In this game, it allows you to use all kinds of space technologies that will help you to capture any land and creating a new future city. Once you have built the earth with cities, then you are allowed to travel into the space looking for Helium 3. Apart from that, it comes with amazing features which includes lots of graphics in order to bring your city back to life and unlimited city building features in it.

3. Cities XXL:

If you want more fun in your gaming life then you can try out cities XXL building games for PC. Therefore, this Cities XXL games offers you total combination of building and managing your city as you want. Here in this game, you need to collect all your resources from several other towns and distribute the resources for those needed places. Apart from that, you can also trade resources along with the other cities in order to produce income for the development of your city. In addition, you can also choose any building style to make your city. So, try this game out and get addicted with Cities XXL, city building game for PC.

4. Urban Empire:

Want to become a mayor of your city? Then you can try out this building game for PC called Urban Empire. Urban Empire is a kind of a coolest strategic game that allows you to become a Mayor of your city. Here, on this game you need to plan and build your own empire by taking it to the next higher level. Apart from that, you need to take care of the political, social and economic outlook of your own empire city. Not only that, you will also need to look into the welfare of the inhabitants like by building colleges, schools, and much more that will help in developing your city.

5. SimCity:

Here we have another best city building games online for PC i.e. SimCity. On this game it provides you the freedom of building your own city right from the scratch. It is a multiplayer online game that lets you to against other players for those who have accepted your challenge or willing to challenge you. Apart from that, SimCity lets you to take good care of all the inhabitants of your city. It comes with lots of features in it like 3D visuals, excellent visual, lots of room for game play, and much more.

6. City Play:

City play is also a free City building games for PC, which allows you to build your own city just like you want it. Here, when it comes to building a city then this game is one of the best one. In this game, you are allowed to build many cities along with all the facilities which you wish to provide for your citizens. Apart from that, you need to provide your citizens all the important and necessary facility like police stations, fire service water supply and much more. In addition to that, you also get to control over the capital system of your own dream city.

7. Tropico 5:

Tropico 5 is an extraordinary game for your PC, where you have to go back to Remote Island and then build your own cool city by converting the remote island. Here in this game, you just need to convert an island into some beautiful dream city of your choice. Apart from that, it will also offers you with lots of options where you choose any of them, and then it bring lots of features in it which includes the Dynasty, era, research and renovate your city, explore the island, and do some competition with multi-players to built your coolest city.

8. Forge of Empires:

Forge of Empires is the popular strategy building game for PC, which you can get the best experience while building your own city. Here on this game, you will get to create your own research facilities and also grab lots of money from the citizens and much more. Apart from that, this Forge of Empire game lets you to create your own army to fight back against your challengers and take over their cities.

9. Another Brick in the Mall:

This game title is somewhat similar with a song, which you might have heard by Pink Floyd another Brick in the wall. In this game, you are allowed to choose any of your staff to take care of everything right from the business and various other important things which is created by you. However, the main aim of this building game is to build your own business centre and manage all your co-workers and staffs whoever is working along with you.

10. Banished:

Banished is a city building strategic game for PC, where you have to gather all the wanderers and build your city along with them. Here on this game, you just have to build the whole village basically from scratch and manage all the resources by your own and try to keep the population alive. Meanwhile, Banished game provides you with lots of extraordinary challenges as compared to other city building games. Apart from that, you need to keep your people alive right through several bad situations like during cold winter time, bad harvest and much more.

11. Cities in Motion 2:

Cities in Motion 2 game allows you to build all kinds of transport networks for your city. Not only that, in this city building games you are allow to maintain all the roads and trains that is created by you. Apart from that, you will have to organize the schedules in order to maintain all the chaos. It comes with lots of features like day and night cycle, multi-player with both co-operative and competitive modes and much more.

12. The Settlers 7- Paths to Kingdom:

When it comes to virtual fantasy world game then the Settler 7-Paths to kingdom is perfect for you. Here is the best city building game for PC 2018, in this settler 7 games help you to make your dream into reality. Hence, this game helps you to create your own cities just like any other city building games. Apart from that, you need to fight back with your competitors and aliens in this game. Not only that, you can conquer your own empire as well. It comes with amazing features like multi-player feature through which you can modify the game according to your wish and build your own virtual empire.


So, above mention are the list of the best City building games for PC 2018. Here we have given you the top free City building game for your PC which will help you to build your own empire and get addicted with it. Hence choose any game in the list and then enjoy playing it on your computer. As the game also offers lots of features and exciting graphic effects to build your own virtual city easily. So these are the game that you can play to kill your boredom. If you are having any more list of free City Building games online then you can comment us. We will find helpful to add your points too


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