Top 20 Best Scary Horror Movies on Netflix 2017 To Watch


The fact that Netflix is a movies treasure trove for everyone is not something new. Netflix provides you with all the right kind of movies. Well, if you haven’t been using Netflix then just start using it without any further delay. Among all the movies available on Netflix, the Horror movie collections seem to be the best. There are lots of scariest movies on Netflix but you won’t be able to download horror movies from Netflix. These movies are some of the best horror movies of all time. We will be providing you with a list of some of the best horror movies. A brief description of the movies has also been provided along with that.

The best experience of horror movies can be gained by watching them at night. We would suggest that you watch these movies at night in the dark. This list contains all sorts of movies relate to ghosts, vampire, monsters, etc. We have seen the movies listed here. And I am quite sure that you will love them too. So check out the list of best horror on Netflix down below.

Top Best Horror Movies on Netflix 2017 To Watch Tonight

The list of the top horror movies have been provided below. Check them and start watching them accordingly.

The Shining

The shining is one of the best horror movies of all time and has been produced by Stephen King. The movie recites the story of Jack who moved to an isolated hotel. The Hotel is said to have a violent past. While living in isolation jack starts to lose his mind and this starts to affect his family a lot. This movie is said to be among the best performances of Jack Nicholson.

The Babadook

If you are up for a bone chilling horror movie then this is for you. The Babadook is a about a widow who is plagued by the death of her husband. Her son informs her that a monster has entered their house through the pages of children’s book. She doesn’t believe that first but realizes that later.

It Follows

This is one of the best horror movies of 2015. The story revolves around a teenage girl who receives a fatal curse after sleeping with her boyfriend. The curse is actually sexually transmitted and Jay learns that after she starts seeing strangers. She is later helped by her friends to escape from that curse.

Under The Shadow

Under the shadow has won any awards as it was referred to as one of the best horror movies. Under The Shadow is a movie about a woman named Shideh, who is trying to save her daughter from a supernatural force. A neighbor suggested that this supernatural force creped upon them through a missile that recently hit the building.

Sleepy Hollow

The Johnny Depp starrer that was released in 1999 is referred to as one of the best movies of the genre. Depp plays the character if Ichabod Crane, who is sent to sleepy hollow to investigate the series of murders. The suspect is said to be a Headless Horsemen, who servers the heads of his victims and keeps them as his trophy. This movie has won quite a few awards too.

The Invitation

The Invitation is a movie about a house party. A man visits his old house to a party hosted by his ex-wife along with her new husband. He believes that his ex-wife and her new husband have plans to kill all the guests in the house. At the end of the movie the man realizes that his ex-wife is actually in a cult that is carrying out similar plans throughout the city.


Hellraiser is the movie that made Clive Baker what he is now. The movie is about a couple who move an old age house. There the couple meets the man’s brother and the woman’s former lover; both have been transformed in to ugly beasts. The woman is forced in to bringing human sacrifices that will help the man in becoming whole again. The movie released two more sequels after that and those were big hits too.


Hush described the story of a psychotic killer who wears a mask and murders the neighbor of a deaf and dumb girl. The man realizes that he can kill the deaf and dumb girl and attempt to kill her. Despite his best efforts he is unable to kill the girl and later gets killed by the girl instead. Many events happen during this process and others get killed too. The movie was released in the month if March 2016.

Dead Snow

Dead Snow is for those who love to watch zombie movies. The movie is about some medical students who go out for hiking and relaxation. They end up meeting a group of Nazi Zombies. The eight are killed by the Nazi Zombies one after the other. Only one student survives and tries to escape the zombies but is later confronted by the zombie leader. The movie has been appreciated by a lot of people.

Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead

Dead Snow 2 is the continuation of the Horror-Comedy Dead Snow. The protagonist Martin is still on the run and trying his best to escape the Nazi Zombies who have been trying to kill him since Dead Snow. While on the run he meets up with a group of American Zombie Specialist. They teach him new and effective ways of killing zombies. It also regarded as one of the bets Horror comedy movies.

An American Wolf in London

One of the classic horror movies but technically it wouldn’t be a horror movie. The movie is about two guys who visit London for hiking. One of these guys gets killed by a werewolf and the other gets bitten. The guy bitten by the werewolf turns in to werewolf and kills a lot of people. Lots of other incidents take place and eventually he is killed.


Though the movie might not be that popular but it sure does sends chills down one’s spine. The movie is about cannibalism and gore. The protagonist of the movie finds himself in the company of strange situations. Many strange events take place in the process and the movie keeps taking new turns. The movie ends with an interesting turn of events.

Stephen King’s Children of the Corn

This is another horror movie by Stephen King, which has a gained a lot of praise and recognition. The movie tells the story of town known as Gatlin. In the Gatlin all the children’s murder the adults and take control of the town.  A couple arrives in the town to discover that the children’s are performing bizarre rituals. They try to stop it but are attacked in return.

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy is basically a documentary. The movie may not sound to be that scary as it is a documentary. But it can get quite scary when you watch a 4 hour documentary of “Nightmare on Elm Street.” Most of us are quite known to the fact that this movie franchise is related with Freddy Kruger. Well, what more could horror movie fans want when they have a documentary on Freddy Kruger?


Baskin is a Horror-fantasy movie that is based on a short movie. It tells the story of five police officers who accidentally wonder into hell. There are lots of turns and twists in the movie and some gory scenes too. The movie has received a lot of praise and recognition and has even been compared to horror movies like “Nightmare in Elm Street.” The lavish use if gore and violence has made this one of the best horror movies of all time.


The VHS movie series is one of kind Horror movies. The movies are divided into lots of short stories and each says a different story and finally unites in a single story. The movie is a sequel of the VHS, which is also regarded as one of the best movies of this genre. While searching for the lost students a couple stumbles upon different lost tapes that ultimately conclude in a single place.

John Dies at the End

Unlike the name, John doesn’t die at the end of the movie. The movie centers around a drug that gives out of the body type experiences. Literally, the people leave their bodies but the users of this drug don’t remain the same after they return. Apart from that, an otherworldly invasion on earth is underway. The movie ends with John entering a portal and going to another dimension.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

The movie might be of horror comedy genre but it surely will scare you quite a lot. The story revolves around Tucker and Dale who visit their Mountain cabin. But the movie takes a different turn when they are mistaken as chainsaw killers by a group of students. It has been praised by various critics.

The Awakening

The Awakening is about a woman who is an expert at exposing hoaxes. She decided to visit a boarding school where sightings of a child have been found. She tries to expose this saying it fake but later realizes that it is beyond her capabilities. It is actually based on a novel of the same name.

Room 237

Room 237 is a documentary of based on the Novel that led to the movie The Shining. The documentary talks about different theories about the shining. Though this might not be the horror movie that you were looking expecting but if you loved The Shining, then this movie is worth checking.

So these are the top 20 scariest horror movies that are trending on Netflix. Do check out these horror movies accordingly. These movies are not for the weak hear person, so be sure about whether or not you want to watch these movies in the dark and alone. So, if you don’t have a Netflix account, then just get one and start watching these movies. Good Luck!


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