Fix This Video Is Not Available In Your Country on YouTube 2018


YouTube is perhaps one of the largest platforms where you can watch unlimited online videos. But there are many videos uploaded in YouTube with viewership rights content, that does not allows everyone to watch the videos especially those who belong from the restricted country. Most of the YouTube videos are blocked to be viewed in some countries, due to some reason such as the owner of the video does not make it available in all the country. YouTube usually block the particular content of video in order to fulfill the laws of the local area. It is one of the common problems that everybody faces while streaming Movies or videos on YouTube. Here, you will be learning how to fix this video is not available in your country on YouTube or The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

The video you are looking for is not available in your country YouTube? The YouTube videos that are blocked in your region are by the orders from the government, and that can be fixed. There is nothing to be worried about that as we have a number a solution to deal with such types of issues. After reading this article till the end, you will be able to watch blocked YouTube videos.

5 Ways To Fix This Video Is Not Available In Your Country on YouTube

Trick 1: Unblock YouTube Videos Not Available in Your Country by using Hola

YouTube block the contents of videos in a particular region, according to the restriction rules set in the uploaded YouTube videos. In this process, most of the viewer belonging from the restricted region of the country is blocked to watch YouTube videos. Even from your country you are not allowed to watch you can try out adding chrome extension in your browser. Using Hola which is a Google chrome extension, you can change the restriction region and watch the blocked videos from the unrestricted country location.  The list of the unrestricted country to watch blocked YouTube Videos are UK and US, choosing this location you will be able to watch the videos that is not available in your country.

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Trick 2:  Watch the YouTube Blocked videos by Downloading

It is one of the easiest tricks to watch the video which is not available in your country.Suppose, if you are not able to stream the block videos. If it is then, what you have to do is simply follow the steps show below.

  • Step 1:Select to copy the URL of the blocked video in your region.
  • Step 2:For example this is the link of a block video content in a country like India

  • Step 3:In order to download the video you will simply have to add ss just as the link provided below.

  • Step 4:Now you will be redirect into the next page “”, choose any video format you wish to download.

Trick 3: Watch Blocked YouTube Videos by Changing the YouTube URL

Tweaking the URL of the blocked YouTube, to enable it for watching in restricted area is the simplest one trick. To perform these methods follow the steps shown below in step wise.

  • Now as you can see in the screenshot provided above, where you need to paste the video URL of the block videos that are restricted in your area.

  • Click on go to site button, then you will be redirect into the next page known as 4ever proxy network, where you will be able to watch the block videos that is not available in your country. You can also use youtube proxy sites to watch videos blocked on YouTube.

Trick 4: Watch the Blocked Videos Using a Virtual Private Network Service

In case, if the above mentioned did not worked out for you to fix this video is not available. Here, we will be using the VPN service which will allow you to view the video contents. How does it work? Using VPN service will let you browser using the location of the country, where watching the block videos are not restricted. VPN services are not only meant to be give you an access to the blocked video contents, but also very advantageous in providing you a private and secure internet surfing. We strongly recommended you to pick VPN services such as Hide My IP, which comes with many key benefits and impressive features as well. Hide My IP is compatible in your devices such as Mac OS X, windows PC and Android device as well.

Trick 5: Watch Unblock YouTube Videos by Using VPN App

If you are trying to stream the blocked videos using your android device, then Droid VPN App is the right choice for you. It is one of the simplest VPN apps, which give you an access to watch the videos that are restricted in your country. Not only it helps you to unblock the regional restrictions but also gives you features such as web filters, bypass firewalls and lots more. Now by installing Droid VPN app in your Smartphone you can get an access into any restricted video and website as well.

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If you are having troubles on how to watch blocked YouTube videos in your country. Then these 5 tricks mentioned above are the ways on how to fix video is not available in your country on YouTube. Now you will be able to watch all the videos which are not available in your country YouTube. It is recommended that you use proxy sites or VPN to watch these videos. Enjoy watching the restricted videos by either steaming online or by downloading the videos. Hope this information will be of helpful to you.


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