All Vodafone USSD Codes list 2018 Check Balance 2G/3G/4G Data Validity


Vodafone is one of the largest growing telecom networks in India. There are many services of Vodafone like data (all 4G, 3G and 2G), voice calls, broadband and much more. Not only this, Vodafone is the only telecom network in India which is offering high data and voice packs in low price in comparison to other telecom network. If you are looking for the best and affordable network in India then Vodafone will be the best one for you. Vodafone is also having lots of USSD codes list of 2018 which you can use to check Vodafone main balance and data, Check Vodafone offers and many other things. Here in our content we have given you the list of all Vodafone USSD Code list of 2017 which will help you in inquiring everything in Vodafone.

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) and is available for every telecom network like Idea, Airtel and much more. This USSD code is necessary to check all the necessary information’s like Check Vodafone main balance, your Vodafone offers, Data pack, Validity check and much more. In this content we are going to tell you about the entire working Vodafone USSD Code list of 2018 with which you can check your balance, data balance and much more. By following these USD codes you will be able to check anything for your Sim card. The codes are all working, so these USSD codes are not like the other websites, as they just upload some codes that don’t work. So for knowing all the working Vodafone USSD codes you have to follow the content till the end.

Not only checking Vodafone main balance or data pack, but you can also transfer your balance or recharge packs automatically without going to retailer shop. So these USSD codes of Vodafone really made it simple for doing everything with your Sim card. But the only thing is that you will need to use the correct codes for finding out options. So let’s have a look at all the working Vodafone USSD code list of 2018 which you can use on your Vodafone network for checking offers, checking main balance and much more.

Working Vodafone USSD Codes of 2018 To Check Balance, 2G/3G/4G Internet Balance & Validity, SMS Pack, Special Offers

Here below we have given all those useful Vodafone codes for you. Instead of using these codes you can also check everything through the Vodafone app, but the issue is that you cannot have internet connection all the time just to check out some of the status. So you can simply bookmark our page if you are a Vodafone users and want to check the status easily offline sitting at home. First of all, we will give you all those codes that you use every time and then will move to all those codes which you should know.

List of USSD codes of Vodafone:

Below we have given the list of those which you can get full status by using the USSD codes for. All the Vodafone users can use all these USSD Vodafone codes and check the status whenever they want. So with the USSD codes you can check all those things that we have mentioned below.

  • Internet balance
  • Main balance
  • Recharge your Account
  • Roaming balance
  • Recharge 2G network
  • Recharge 3G network
  • Free minute pack
  • SMS pack activation
  • Check data balance
  • VAS
  • Rate cutter
  • GPRS balance

So these are all the things that you can do using the working USSD Vodafone codes. All the codes that we have given are working and are easy to remember, so that you can use it anywhere you are. Here below is the list of the useful USSD codes for all the Vodafone users

Daily Used Vodafone USSD Codes:

Here in these codes you will get all kind of codes like for checking balance or data, checking SMS, last plan and much more. All the codes are working in every region and you can use it on your Vodafone Sim card where ever you are in India. Not only checking stuff but you can also do recharge if you are having enough balance on your account. You simply need to enter the code and your balance will get automatically deducted and the other plan will get activated on your SIM card. So it has become more simple, as you don’t need to go any online payments apps like Paytm just to simply recharge your Sim card with some plans. If you are having sufficient main balance you simply activate the plan using your main balance on your Vodafone sim card. Let’s have a look at the regular use USSD codes of Vodafone telecom network.

Check main Balance in Vodafone *141#
Check data pack on Vodafone *111*2*2#
How to check offers in Vodafone *121#
Check self number of Vodafone *111*2#
Transfer balance *131* <Amount to Transfer>*<phone number>#
Check 3G data pack of Vodafone *111*2*2#
Check 2G data pack of Vodafone *111*2*2#
Recharge offer codes of Vodafone *121#, *111*1*1# or *111*1*4#
Check Data offers *111*1*5#
Vodafone movie alerts *123*1#
Check your last 3 activities *111*2*3#
Check your last 3 calls & SMS *111*2*3#
Callertune for Vodafone *111*3*3#
Last SMS code *111*3*1*2#
Check my plans code *111*4*1#
Details check your Traffic plan *111*4#
Email Id update *111*3*4#
Your Active plan *111*4*3#
VAS and Services check *111*5#
Bonus and Promotional code of Vodafone *111*4*2#
Activate the VAS *111*5*2#
Last 3 deduction *111*2*4#
Activate new 2G plans *111*6*3#
Activate 3G plans *111-6*4#
Vodafone recharge *111*9#
Manage account *111*3#
Reach us *111*4#
Account update of Vodafone *111*11#
Account validity check *146#
Free night minute balance for Vodafone *111*4*2#
Check SMS balance *111*4*2#
Check call rate of STD *111*4*2#

So these are all the regular used Vodafone USSD Codes and working too. You will need this anytime if you want to check anything offline, so simply bookmark our page as all the codes are useful and is working.  All these codes are easy and is 100% working with no doubt. Simply use these codes to check anything or transfer balance on the go. These codes are enabled for both 2G and 3G sim card, so there is nothing different in codes even if you are using the latest 3G Vodafone sim card. Here we have mentioned all those important and most used codes daily by all the Vodafone users, now let’s have a look at some other USSD codes that you need to know if you are a Vodafone user.

Recharge USSD Codes list of Vodafone of 2018:

Whenever you want to recharge your Vodafone Sim card, now you don’t need to go online recharge store. As you can simply go to the codes that we have given below and get all the details about the recharge and also you can recharge it on the go where ever you want. Let’s have a look at the active recharge Vodafone USSD Codes.

Vodafone 2G pack for 1 Day data *444*444# (it will cost you some Rs.8)
Vodafone 2G pack  with 7 days data *444*75#
2G data pack with 2 days validity *444*17#
2G data pack with 15 days validity *121*49#
3G data for 8Gb *121*1251#
2G data with 1 month validity *121*98#
3G data pack for 5GB *121*851#
3G data pack for 12 GB *444*1199#
3G data pack for 20 GB *444*1999#
3G data pack for 7.5 GB *444*859#

So these are the list of USSD Codes for Vodafone users using which you can use for activating the 2G of 3G data packs with out going to any retailer shop. By using these USSD codes you will also not need to go to any online payment app to active the data packs. All these USSD codes for Vodafone are working and can be used in every region. We bet that you will not get the best and working all Vodafone USSD codes better than our website.

Other important USSD Vodafone Codes you should know:

Here below you will be going to know about the all the other USSD codes of Vodafone that are working and you should really know if you are using Vodafone telecom network on your phone. As you may need this USSD codes anytime in emergency. So let’s have a look at all the other important USSD Vodafone codes.

Vodafone account update *111*11#
Vodafone toll free customer care number 111 or 198
Check own number and main balance *111*2# or *141#
Activate 3G on your number Text “ACT” to 144 number
USSD code for Vodafone loan Call 1241 or message to 144 or *111*10#
Check amazing offers *111*1*1#
Check out detailed information *111*2#

So these are all the best working USSD codes for Vodafone number that you need to know if you are a Vodafone users. As this USSD codes can be used on any emergency wherever you are in India, this USSD codes are supported in every region in India. The most amazing part is that you can easily remember all these codes as they starts the same.


This is all we have given each and every USSD codes for the Vodafone users that are available till date. Like we have said that this USSD codes for Vodafone are all working and you can use it in any region in India. All the codes are easy to use and you can also get direct reach to it. So no need to go more online just to check some of your number status simply use these USSD codes and then check everything online. Here we also have mentioned about the recharger, but you should keep in mind that you can only activate any plan using the USSD codes, if you are having sufficient balance on your Vodafone number. So this is it, if you are facing any issues with the USSD code number of Vodafone you can comment us below.


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